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Sunday, August 31, 2008



Section 5
Treaty of Tordesillas (cw) : Settlement of the divisive issue of New World ownership between the Spanish and the Portuguese. It was brokered by the Pope based on faulty maps. Spain got the majority of South America. Portugal got modern day Brazil. Guess which country in South america speaks portuguese today? no really, guess.

God Gold Glory (cw): Different motives for exploration.
God = missionary zeal, Gold= the $ that was possible, Glory = fame/glory

Prince Henry the Navigator (342):
Brother of the King of Portugal who created a school for navigators and promoted the cause of exploration. His actions give the Portuguese a head start on the wealth to be gained from exploration.

Dias (342): 1st to get around Africa (Cape of Good Hope) in the year, proving that another route to india was possible. His Portuguese backers wanted a southern/eastward route around Africa to India in order to bypass Arab traders in the mediteranean. Sig: part of the Portuguese dominance of early exploration.

DeGama (342): 1st to get to Inda. Continued Dias’ route along coast of Africa. Allows Portugal to bypass Arab traders. Increases Portugals wealth. DeGama takes Dias’ route and goes farther (because his name is longer!)

Columbus (342): Hired by spain to find a westward approach to india in order to compete against Portugals wealth-producing eastward route. Starts that whole “new world” thingy instead.

Cores (345): Brutally conquered the Aztecs in Mexico. Typified Spanish treatment of natives

Pizarro (345): Brutally conquered the Incas in Peru. Typified Spanish treatment of natives

Conquistadores (345): Spanish conquerors of the new world (Pizarro, Cortez, etc). Typified the brutality of spanish conquest of the new world

Ecomienda system (349): System of Spanish rule of the new world. Conquestadors were given a free-hand in governing the native peoples. Very Feudal structure.

The Fuggers (350):
Major Bankers in Northern Europe. Replaced the Italian Medicis as the dominant bankers.
Significance: This shift from Medici to Fuggers is one of many examples of the shift of European wealth from South to North during this period. Use it in an essay!


Where are the section 4 voc.?


Mr. Adams-
Where did you post the chapter 4 vocab?

Caroline Coughlin

its under the awesome dance moves i think

Caroline Coughlin

under sweet dance moves

alli moore

Erasmus in all of his entirety-plz correct me if i'm wrong-
was a bastard child who grew up poor

tried being a monk but didn't like it so he became an administrator at the church where everyone discovered that he was actually super smart.

wrote Praise Of Folly[1511], Handbook of the Christian Knight[1503], and translated the latin bible to greek with latin in one column and the greek translation beside it[1516/1519/1522].

Believed in less ritualistice obedience to your religion,more of living it-this is called the Philosophy of Christ

Took out the bible verse John 5:3 because it wasn't found in the original text. [this verse was one of the strongest arguements for the Trinity]

is considered Humanistic because he looked back on early Greek churches


Mr. Adams
will Gold Gold Glory be on the test?
and what does the (CW) mean beside the words?

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