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Thursday, October 18, 2007



Cardinal Richelieu- Louis XIII’s chief minister. 1) Eliminates political/military rights of Hugeunots while keeping religious rights to make them more dependable. 2) Spies to uncover plots/conspiracies 3) creates Intendants to execute orders; his policies eventually strengthen the monarchy

Louis XIV- (1643-1715) King of France (Bourbon) who serves as the best representation of an absolute monarch; called the Sun King; created Versailles as a home to his nobility; hired Colbert as the minister of finance; mercantilism; enacted the Edict of Fontainebleau; War of Spanish Succession

Frederick William-
King of Prussia (Hohenzollern)
“The Great Elector” makes country stronger, 1st Hohenzollern ruler. Gives nobles free reign over peasants, no taxes,etc. in return that they do not challenge his control. Follows mercantilist policies. Enacted religious toleration.

Peter the Great-
Tsar of Russia; wants to westernize his country. Gains control of Orthodox Church, makes Russia into great state/military power; creates the table of ranks

- form of government in which all power is vested in a single ruler or other authority

Divine Right
- Philosophy that God chooses who has the right to the throne. Contradicts our notion of equality.

Nobles of the Robe/Sword-
--Nobles of the Sword are hereditary noble from the middle ages; they are given a social life in Versailles so that they do not get in the way of government business.
--Nobles of the Robe are the wealthy middle class nobles created by Louis XIV to help run the country.

The Sun King
- Louis XVI, meaning he’s the light of his country

“I am the state”- Louis XVI - instead of the people making up the state, he claims he does

War of Spanish Succession- Spain’s ruler leaves throne to Louis XVI’s grandson, Philip. England, Holland, Austria, and German states fear France and Spain will join (Louis’s grandson will eventually gain England’s throne also) and throw off the balance of power. Ends with treaty saying Philip may take Spanish throne but the French and Spanish thrones must be separated.

Hohenzollern dynasty- their dominions, which were called Brandenburg-Prussia, were extremely diverse, connected only by the fact that they were ruled by the same Hohenzollern monarch/ruler. Rulers of Austria and in the past HRE.

Junkers- Prussian nobility

Tsar- ruler of Russia

Boyars- Russian nobles

Duma- a council of Boyars who assisted the tsar in Russia

“I am the State”
Louis XIV’s Famous Quote you MUST know by heart. You probably have the quaint notion that WE are the Government. Louis thinks otherwise. Used to justify any action he chooses to take.

Anne of Austria
Wife of Louis XIII, Mom of Louis XIV. Runs France with Mazarin while Louis is a kid. She’s a Hapsburg. Hmmm Hapsburg-Bourbon union. Their kids will cause trouble in Spain

Bishop Bossuet:
Famous theorist for Absolute Monarchy. Argued “Divine Right” of kings

Louis XIII:
Puppet King of France for Cardinal Richelieu

Jean Baptiste Colbert:
Economic Advisor for Louis XIV. Associated with Mercantilism

Philip III & IV:
sad kings of Spain after Philip II. They are associated with the decline of Spain

Raison d’etat :
Cardinal Richelieu’s philosophy of government summed up in a quick phrase. Reason of State. There is NO limit to a king’s rightful authority IF he can justify it for the good of the State, Total contradiction of the Right-based philosophy of government that you have.

Catholic Radicals in France. Louis XIV lays the smack down on them.
Significance: Shows that Louis is not REALLY concerned about religion. But will smack whomever necessary to consolidate his power.

the Fronde (Frondeurs)
Early French Rebels against Louis XIV’s when he’s a kid. The terror that he experiences convinces him to get out of Paris (go to Versailles) and to be tough against rebellion.


Edict of Fontainebleau:
Louis XIV. Repeals the Edict of Nantes. Bans Huguenots. Part of a return to “One King, One Faith, One Law”

Peace of Utrecht:
Peace treaty that ends the War of Spanish Succession. Creates 2 Bourbon houses (one in France and a new one in Spain)

Daniel Robertson

ADAMS! ryan alexander was just at my house and we were talking about you.



hey, i got a few questions on the worksheet to anyone who can help.

What was the name of the nobility for the russians and what were the modernizations of govt admin in prussia?


1 Boyars
2. look for "civil service"


Don't believe ANYTHING he said about me. LIES!! All Lies!


we have an essay on tuesday? a bunch of spanish 3 kids are going to be gone that day we have a field trip that starts 4th period, luckily the class i have you

kelly ralston

yeah journalism kids have one too

matt steinbrecher

aaaaw, man......i guess we just HAVE to change the essay to another day.....it wouldn't be fair to the others if we got to share our knowledge in essay form without them, now would it?


that's at least four people gone from your fourth hour alone, mr. adams.


please, please please...

kelsey d

media/tv pro kids are gone on tuesday also...fyi

becky kernodle

what's the actually essay question for wednesday?

that one senior

late notice...

(not that good for euro)

http://www.homestead.com/chaffeyaphistory/files/Euro_Notes__Terms__Concepts.htm (midterm study guide)

(lucky if you can navigate through this)

exstudent in AK

you crazy ppl...can you not read in the post where it says he is changing the essay to wednesday???


kelly ralston

could you possibly post weekend homework? just so we know. if not it's cool.


so the essay isn't really an "essay" essay, it's more like a term-splosion on paper?


that's a fun word... term-splosion

dakota hodgson

whats the essay question? i didnt write it down
be back in like a few poops (alex matt nick)


The essay question is to explain the means by which the absolute monarchs attempted to consolidate state power.


Oh, and you'll get a better grade if you don't split up the paragraphs by monarch.

Megan Ververis

okay what. what is the essay. whats an example of how were supposed to organize it?


Megan, go back to the main page.
Much info has just been posted


I have been trying to make my introduction paragraph short and concise but I'm having a bit of trouble. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should include?


for my opeining paragraph im am just goin to outline the 3 paragraphs from a few of the horizontal rows
i pick the middle 2 and goverment
so for ex. here's mine

---There were 3 examples of absolute monarchs in the early 18th century all of which incorperated different policies into their absolutness such as controlling nobles, varius religous policies, and the modernization of their goverment prcatices.

kelly ralston

for anyone wondering, the terms on this post and the latest one are the same.

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