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Friday, October 12, 2007



first day update: I'm up a few hundred : (

i'll win big tomorrow!!!

sam adkisson

hey mr. adams, did you get a chance to send that teacher rec in for uga for before you left?

kelly ralston

wow you could right a book with that kind of title. Except i would call it my trip to trillions.


Saturday: Bad, VERY Bad
Sunday: Good. Several times over
Monday: no real gambling (gasp)

qing qing

so how much did you win?

Robbie Mabe

I'm guessing that means you are still our teacher :) A couple hundred isn't enough for your retirement. See you Wednesday Mr.Adams.

Kristen Linkinhoker

hahahaaa adams. no big wins for you. tsk tsk.
maybe next year.. or christmas. haha.

One T/Spartan 117

i heard you lost a lot of money adams. shame on you.


wanna post the terms????

Sparkle Dragon

sorry, adams...
you lost money
sparkle dragon still loves you, though

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