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Sunday, October 28, 2007



i thought we already turned in our hw from ch. 14


oops my bad


they're sitting in those boxes in front of the room if you never got yours back


i was wondering what those boxes were for

Megan Ververis

for the test: look over vocab/homework from 14 and 15 and we're good? is there an essay?

Megan Ververis

wheres the ch 14 vocab? its not in the previous posts

Taylor Levine

tomorrow for the review day will we need our text books or notes or anything?

Sarah Hayward

Hey Megan go back to the sept. archives Ch.14 vocab is in the comment section of the last post of sept. (so first one that pops up on your screen) i think...its one of the first ones i am sure of it. :)

Olivia Diaz

mr. adams!
how would you LOVE to give us the rest of the terms for chapter 15 :):):)


wow, if i knew you folks were going to the Acrhives, i'd be more original in my postings. (curses)

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