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Monday, October 01, 2007



crank that Anglican haha mr.a gettin gangster!!!!yea buddy.


all right adams! thanks.


leah, check out some of those links. they do indeed rock.

matt steinbrecher

heard you got a soulja boy poster
crank dat
maybe you should volunteer to do the crank dat dance in class
there's actually an official soulja boy instructional video on youtube


hey matt
if you want a souldja boy poster i could get you one.
ms. little has an infinite amount. and im also working on getting you that magnet...



dude erikka could you please get me one, or two, or a bunch por favor?
oh and the magnet would be cool, too


will do.

Kristen Linkinhoker

dude. i am Screweeeedddd. i dont get this stuff at all. i dont know how to connect anything and now im masically cramming and trying to figure it out rite now before i get to adams tomorrow. AGH

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