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Saturday, November 21, 2009



is all that stuff we learned in class about the Bourgeoisie and estates general going to be on it too??

Taylor L

hey i went to Brentwood Baptist retreat this weekend and since i don't have to take the test on Monday can i turn in the homework when i take the test on Tuesday?


What is a nuclear and extended household?


I need help with section 5 question 8 and section 7 question 13


nuclear: mom dad and kids
Extended: mom dad kids aunt grandma cousin

Alex Dostaler

If you're in band, is the homework still due tomorrow?


Homework is due

The BMS kids asked me last thursday.

Which gave me a chance to decline their request.
(if you give me a reasonable option to decline, the odds increase that i'll agree)


for model un kids do they have to take the test tommorow??

out of town kid

for out of town kids do they have to take the test?

kid that was at school

for kids that were at school do we have to take the test?

Sheepie the Hippie

i'm hungry and thirsty, so do i have to take the test?

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